Models Required 1


Models over 50 years old required for a photo-book project I am currently working on,

called "OVER 50 NUDES"

51 artistic nude photographs, in which all of the subjects are over fifty years old.

I want to show that beauty is not solely the domain of young people with perfect bodies and unblemished skin,

I am aiming to make artistic nude images that can stand alongside those of young models and look equally beautiful, without needing the caveat of "FOR THEIR AGE"

(see example photos below)

Model Requirements:

Any age (as long as it's over 50)

Any body size/shape.

Any ethnicity.

Any gender.

Any imperfections, scars, disability.

Many of the nude images I make feature obscured faces, so if required, anonymity can be assured.

Models participating in this project will receive a set of digital images from their session.

If you are interested in participating in this project , or would like some more information, send me an E mail to:

or click the 'Contact Me' button below.